We are the best designing company since 2011.

Founded in 2011, Shree Nnansharda Jewellery is one of the strongest players in the Indian Jewellery Market. The company has firmly established itself in the important jewellery market. It started exporting jewellery in 2011. In only a few years of its inception, the company has firmly established itself in important jewellery market. The company has developed state-of-the-art factories equipped with the latest technological skills. The company focuses on delivering a superior quality of diamond jewellery through a highly efficient supply chain- from mines to market.

A huge manufacturing unit equipped with all the modern technologies. The company constantly strives to achieve the best balance between value, yield, and make.

Shree Nnansharda Jewellery has its manufacturing units in Sachin, Surat.

Shree Nnansharda Jewellery is serving a myriad customer base consisting of top retail brands in the industry. The company excels in the deep understanding of the different jewellery markets, needs, and preferences of the customers thereby serving them providing the best suits.

The company’s success lies in its philosophy to provide a product or service that contributes to happiness in all of its forms. The provision of highly differentiated products complemented by a wide suite of customer-focused services has enabled Shree Nnansharda Jewellery to achieve its dominating diamond jewellery manufacturer position.

Its product portfolio comprises classic to unique couture diamond jewellery which has a huge variety in various product categories.

The company also promises to offer designs and assortments that cater to different Indian communities, designed keeping in mind the sensibilities and preferences of all consumers. Addressing the consumer’s need to have different varieties of jewellery for various occasions, Shree Nnansharda Jewellery offers a fine blend of traditional and modern jewellery options. The jewellery ranges from daily and workwear to evening and cocktail to exquisite jewellery in different designs and contemporary patterns.

The company is moving forward with the time. company believes in the customer services, which is why the company has created its own mobile app so that customers can see the new product designs and place the order from mobile application.